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Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) has a range of capabilities and equipment to test and repair anesthesia and respiratory care products manufactured by us as well as by others. Devices we repair include respirometers (analog and digital), fiberoptic and conventional laryngoscopes, manometers and related materials, scavenging and pop-off valves, nerve stimulators, and carbon dioxide absorbers. 

Wright Type Analog
Respirometers & Peak Flowmeters

We are a factory trained repair center for ALL analog Wright Respirometers and Wright Peak Flowmeters.  All repairs are performed under the supervision of a technician factory trained by the manufacturer in Great Britain using OEM parts.  Certificates of calibration are issued upon completion of the repair.

Our repair program fee consists of a flat rate that covers parts and labor.  Some exclusions apply.  See repair brochure for more information.

Analog Units We Repair:

Haloscale compact, Haloscale standard, Haloscale Infanta

Mark 8, Mark 12, Mark 14, Mark 20, Mark 25, Mark 30

Physiological Units

Professional Peak Flowmeter

Other Analog Units We Repair: (excluded from flat rate, estimate required)

Fraser Harlake


Digital Respirometers

As the manufacturer of the AincA Digital Respirometer (PN: 00-295), we can perform any repair and calibration your unit may need.  These units do NOT have any preventative maintenance (PM) indicated, but we can support any calibration schedule your organization requires.  If these respirometers sustain any damage, give inconstant readings, or make any noise when gas is being passed through the flow sensing unit, send it to us for repair and calibration.  CAUTION: Do not use compressed air for any reason on this device.

Our repair program for the 00-295 digital respirometer consists of a base price for full calibration with additional costs for parts.  Estimates are generated and sent to you for approval before work is performed.  Certificates of calibration are issued upon completion of the repair.

How to Send in Repairs

No RMAs or RGAs are required to submit repairs.  Please send all repairs to the address below:

Anesthesia Associates, Inc.


460 Enterprise St

San Marcos, CA 92078

The following must be in the box with the unit(s):

  • Organization name

  • Bill to and Ship to address

  • Contact information for person who is responsible for approving an estimate (if required) and/ or payments (name, email, & phone number)

Please note: repairs will not be completed until payment is received.  All repairs are done on a pre-pay basis.  

Estimate fee of $75 is applied to each unit sent in for repair.  However, this fee is waived if the estimate is approved and the unit is repaired.

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