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Customizing Existing Products

Many of our existing products can be customized to fit a specific need.  Look for the CUSTOMIZABLE tag on product pages and in the catalog for normally customizable products. These customized products may be ordered with no minimum quantity requirements.

As a manufacturer of products mostly produced in the United States, we can offer small production runs of customized or slightly modified parts.  Need something longer or shorter, an extra feature, or a different size?  We can accommodate all of those needs and more.

Contact us for more information.

OEM Services

We assist OEMs in the production of products and tools to meet their specific requirements.  We can provide machined parts out of most materials using a variety of custom finishes.  We also perform injection molding, compression molding, and various types of neoprene dipping.   All products pass through rigorous assembly, testing and inspection, followed by appropriate final product packaging.  Private labeling or custom marking is also available.  UDI compliance and permanent laser marking of products can be done as a stand alone service or as part of OEM production.

Take advantage of our many decades worth of experience in the medical device manufacturing industry.  Contact us for more information and to see if your project is a good fit for us.

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