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Drawover Resuscitation Set Universal PAC w/ Scavenging Adapter

PN: AAS-11091-S


DrawOver Resuscitation SET for a Universal PAC W/ Scavenging Adapter. Is NSN 6515-01-700-1184. Functional replacement for (old) NSN 6515-01-525-2767 and GE/Ohmeda 1101-7009-000


  • Made in USA
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free


Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Drawover Resuscitation Set Universal PAC with Scavenging Adapter NSN 6515-01-700-1184 Contents of Kit: Reusable breathing circuit with ventilation bag; (use with drawover anesthesia apparatus, nsn 6515-01-355-6479); kit includes: tee 22M/15F X 22F X 22F chrome plated brass, breathing tube polyester/ss 22M X 22F 12 inch (2), breathing tube polyester/ss 22M X 22F 48 inch, intake assembly 22M chrome plated brass aluminum, resuscitator bag MkIV, valve patient MkIV 22F X 22M X outlet, mask face Ambu type clear 22MMF size 5 adult, and patient-valve x 22M aluminum scavenger adapter (to connect to scavenging hose by others).


Part Number Material of Construction Connection A Connection B Other Connection(s) Valves
AAS-11091-S Multiple Drawover Vaporizer, 22mm Male Drawover Vaporizer, 22mm Female Waste Gas to Scavenging Adapter, 22mm Male Various
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