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AincA VideoStylet

AincA VideoStylet

PN: 00-675-B


AincA VideoStylet System, Model "B" stylet (length = 33.5cm / 13.2"), LCD Video Monitor, USB Charger/Cable


  • Reusable
  • Latex Free


Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

The AincA VideoStylet is an inexpensive, lightweight, reusable through the endotracheal tube viewing system and introducing stylet. It allows the practitioner to obtain a direct view from the tip of the endotracheal tube (ET Tube) as it progresses during intubation. This reusable stylet is a slender 5.8mm diameter and is malleable along its entire length. It contains a powerful camera assembly with ultra-bright LED illumination at the tip to deliver a crisp 2.4" (320 x 240 pixel) color image on a lightweight rechargeable LCD monitor. The stylet is waterproof and can be cleaned by scrub/wash/wipe, high-level disinfected in 2% Glutaraldehyde, or sterilized in Sterrad or Sterris gas plasma hydrogen peroxide systems. The monitor is not waterproof and should be cleaned/disinfected by wipe down only. (See User Manual for complete details.) The 00-675-B AincA Video Stylet is sold as a Kit containing one reusable/malleable stylet, a rechargeable LCD monitor, a USB/ 110v charger, and a User Manual/Information Guide. Change your intubation perspective, view through the tip of the ET Tube! Stylet Length Details: 00-675-B 13.2"/ 33.5CM Replacement Parts: 00-675-LCD replacement LCD monitor and charger, 00-675-B-1 replacement stylet



Part Number Material of Construction Power Source Power ON/ OFF Type Adjustments Notable Feature
00-675-B Multiple Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with LED Status Indicators Auto ON/ OFF by Connecting and Disconnect the LCD and Stylet Preset and Auto Adjusts Camera Focus Reusable and Sterilizable*, Minimum ETT accepted: 6mm, 13.2in long (33.5cm)
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