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Bantam / Stubby Conventional Laryngoscope Handle

Bantam / Stubby Conventional Laryngoscope Handle

PN: 00-342


Handle, Laryngoscope, Conventional, Bantam/Stubby Size (32mm x 100mm) (Req 2 AA)


  • Reusable
  • Latex Free


Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Stubby bantam size, 32mm x 100mm, conventional (bulb in blade) laryngoscope handle.  Expertly fabricated from durable materials.  Requires two “AA” size batteries.


Shorter and lighter than the standard.  The bantam handle is designed to accommodate the difficult intubation on a short neck, barrel-chested or large chested individual where the distance between the mouth and the chest prohibits the use of a standard length handle.  The size is such that it accommodates the normal sized hand and can be used on a routine basis by most people. 


Handles are available in a variety of additional sizes and configurations to assist in both routine and difficult intubations.



Part Number Material of Construction Size Length Light Source Blade Type
00-336 Chromed Brass Pediatric 100mm (Diameter: 16mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) N size batteries required Conventional
00-340 Chromed Brass Adjustable, 4 Selectable Positions 130mm (Diameter: 32mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) AA size batteries required Conventional
00-341 Chromed Brass Large 170mm (Diameter: 38mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) D size batteries required Conventional
00-342 Stainless Steel Stubby / Bantam 100mm (Diameter: 32mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) AA size batteries required Conventional
00-350 Stainless Steel Standard 140mm (Diameter: 29mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) C size batteries required Conventional
00-354 Stainless Steel Penlite 140mm (Diameter: 19mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) A size batteries required Conventional
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