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Adjustable Conventional Laryngoscope Handle

Adjustable Conventional Laryngoscope Handle

PN: 00-340


Handle, Laryngoscope, Conventional, Patil-Syracuse 4 Position (32mm x 130mm) (Req 2 AA), Chrome Brass


  • Made in USA
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free


Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

The Patil-Syracuse adjustable conventional (bulb in blade) laryngoscope handle is similar in size, 32mm x 130mm, and weight to the standard.  This special handle readily allows the blade to be firmly locked at four different angles for a variety of special uses:
   45° - Howland Lock position, natural lift for bull-neck, anterior larynx
   90° - Standard position, identical to a Standard handle
   135° - Polio blade position, clears obstructions, extra room
   180° - Parallel to handle, for obese, halo-traction, or cervical fractures
Requires two “AA” size batteries.


Handles are available in a variety of additional sizes and configurations to assist in both routine and difficult intubations.



Part Number Material of Construction Size Length Light Source Blade Type
00-336 Chromed Brass Pediatric 100mm (Diameter: 16mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) N size batteries required Conventional
00-340 Chromed Brass Adjustable, 4 Selectable Positions 130mm (Diameter: 32mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) AA size batteries required Conventional
00-341 Chromed Brass Large 170mm (Diameter: 38mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) D size batteries required Conventional
00-342 Stainless Steel Stubby / Bantam 100mm (Diameter: 32mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) AA size batteries required Conventional
00-350 Stainless Steel Standard 140mm (Diameter: 29mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) C size batteries required Conventional
00-354 Stainless Steel Penlite 140mm (Diameter: 19mm) Bulb In Blade (Sold Separately), (2) A size batteries required Conventional
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