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Regulator Hose

Regulator Hose

PN: P-232-HP


Regulator Inlet Hose, 5ft Long, O2 DISS Nut x O2 DISS Nut


  • Made in USA
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free
  • Customizable


Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Hose assembly to connect P-232 Regulator, to wall/machine source. 5’ long, O2 DISS nut by O2 DISS nut. Can Be customized, see part number P-232-HP-S.



Part Number Material of Construction Machine End Connection Patient End Connection Notable Feature Accessories
P-232 Painted Aluminum O2 DISS Thread O2 DISS Thread 0-60 psi Gauge, Includes Mounting Bracket -
P-232-HP PVC | Chromed Brass O2 DISS Nut O2 DISS Nut Tubing, can be attached a presure regulator (PN: P-232) -
P-232-HP-S PVC | Chromed Brass Customizable (DISS, Ohmeda, Chemtron, Etc.) O2 DISS Nut Customized Length per Request Tubing, can be attached a presure regulator (PN: P-232) -


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