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00-197 Cuff pressure Monitor with Inflation-Bulb/ Deflation-Trigger
This Cuff Pressure Monitor/ Controller is connected directly to the cuff pilot line, or remotely using the supplied extension line (Replacement Line sets available [00-197-TUBING]). The attached squeeze bulb is used to add pressure to the cuff, which then registers on the large easily readable dial face in units of both cm H2O and mmHg. Two green coded regions on the dial face highlight potentially appropriate cuff pressure ranges. The finger trigger is used to release pressure from the cuff as required. A vacuum nipple at the bottom of the bulb can be used to completely evacuate a cuff. The included hook assembly allows for safe hanging of the cuff monitor/ controller in the proximity of the patient. The 00-197 cuff pressure monitor/ controller can also be used for system leak cheeks via luer fittings.


Scale: 0-120 cmH2O/ 0-90 mmHg

Accuracy: +/- 2 cmH2O

Connection: -Luer Male
-Top: Pressure
-Bottom: Vacuum Inflation

Pressure Addition: Squeeze bulb

Pressure Release: Finger Trigger

Extension Line: 39 long tube, Luer Male x Luer Female. Replacement tubes: Package of 10: p/n 00-197-TUBING.