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00-295 / Respirometer - Digital - Complete w/ Sensor - Controller - Adapter - to 200 liters
With the large LCD readout display on the Model 295 Digital Respirometer the confusion of reading a mechanical respirometer dial is eliminated. The flow sensing unit has only one moving part, and is detachable from the control unit for ease of sterilization and cleaning. It may be washed, gas sterilized or cold sterilized. Comes complete as shown, ready to use with 9V battery and one (1) 22mm female x 22mm female adapter. Range: 0 - 200 liters. Measurement Type: Air/Gas volume flow (tidal volume). Resolutions: .02 liter. Flow Rate: 5 lpm minimum/150 lpm maximum. Accuracy: 5% over range, 2% at calibration point. Resistance to flow: 2cm of water at 100 lpm. Respirometers are reliable respiratory volume measurement instruments for use where small size and light weight, together with low air resistance and low inertia are important considerations. The instruments may be used to measure tidal volumes, or (with the use of a stopwatch) minute volumes (flow rates). They are particularly suitable for respiratory measurements in anesthesia, in oxygen therapy, weaning from mechanical ventilators, and as a research tool of general application in respiratory physiology.

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